Compact Thermal Reactor (CTR)

Diffusion Furnace

The smaller footprint, smaller load diffusion furnace solution.

  • Production style performance in a small footprint
  • Fully automated, recipe driven processing
  • Ideal for pilot lines and development labs
  • Small space saving footprint – and stackable

The CTR provides a smaller process load size in an exceptionally small footprint system and is stackable. Providing both atmospheric pressure and LPCVD processes, the CTR is an ideal solution for pilot lines, industrial R&D areas, and government and university laboratories.

Model CTR-125 – processes substrates up to 125mm diameter.
Model CTR-200 – extends the processing range to 200mm diameter substrates. (Processes 125mm and 156mm square substrates, too).

This system has capability far beyond the tabletop or laboratory diffusion furnaces of the past. Fully automated and recipe driven the results rival the uniformity and film quality of full size production systems.

CTR benefits:

  • Saving on clean room space by combining automated control with small batch processing.
  • Stackable design – up to four for the CTR-125 or three for CTR-200 systems fit in the same compact footprint.
  • Safety interlocks protecting personnel and the equipment like full size systems.
  • Excellent process repeatability – full recipe control and storage using a PC-computer based control system.
  • Automated, controlled rate of load insertion and withdrawal using the optional recipe controlled Expertech autoloader.
  • Savings on electrical power – using high performance heating elements.
  • A wide range of atmospheric and LPCVD processes available.