(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)

MEMS devices are manufactured using processes on silicon adapted from the semiconductor industry to provide small-scale sensors, actuators, accelerometers and gyroscopes. MEMS devices generally require thicker films with:

  • low intrinsic stress,
  • uniform properties
  • excellent step coverage.

Using Expertech’s vast MEMS process experience and our standard recipes, we can help you to rapidly characterize your MEMS film processes.

Expertech can provide one or more horizontal or vertical furnace systems configured for the following MEMS device processing steps:

LPCVD Processes

  • Low Stress Nitride (Si Rich Nitride) < 250 MPa
  • Ultra-low Stress Silicon Nitride < 100 MPa
  • Undoped Polysilicon or α-Silicon
  • Phosphorous Doped Polysilicon or α-Silicon
  • Boron Doped Polysilicon or α-Silicon
  • Undoped Poly-SiGe
  • Phosphorous or Boron Doped Poly-SiGe
  • LTO
  • TEOS

Atmospheric Pressure Processes

  • Wet or Dry Oxidation/Densification
  • Inert Gas Anneals/Densification (N2, Ar, He)
  • Reducing Atmosphere Anneals (Forming Gas)