Horizontal Thermal Reactor (HTR) / Horizontal Furnace

The low-cost leader for high production throughput solutions & large batch processing

  • Large load sizes (up to 200 wafers per batch)
  • Compatible with cleanrooms down to class 1
  • 3 or 4 stack furnaces for high production throughput
  • Production solutions for 50-mm to 300-mm wafer size

The HTR series

Diffusion furnace systems for 50 through 300-mm wafer size processing have heated zones up to 40 inches long for larger load size.  These are truly the “workhorses” of thermal processing.


The HTR-RF (Reduced Footprint) series

By using a shorter heating element in a shortened frame, a system with smaller load size and production quality processing can be fitted into a reduced space. Includes models for 50 through 300-mm wafer size processing.  A great option for pilot lines or product development areas.

These new horizontal diffusion furnace systems feature:

  • Space saving designs with 2–4 tube levels in one footprint.
  • Low in film particles through use of HEPA filtered clean air load stations.
  • High quality films through use of orbitally welded gas systems with clean room gas system assembly.
  • Flexibility of control and supervisory systems for matching to existing controllers.
  • Safety interlocks protecting personnel and the equipment.
  • Long productive life of the equipment through component selection and design.
  • A wide range of atmospheric and LPCVD processes.