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Founded in 1992 to address market needs for the support of established thermal processing systems, the company has grown to focus on process tooling for all your Thermal Processing needs, within many Semiconductor markets. Expertech supports three primary platforms within this segment – Compact, Vertical and Large Batch Horizontal.

The core focus has transitioned over time from being a “refurbished” tool specialist, to now offering competitive new tool solutions that are designed and manufactured in our Scotts Valley, California headquarters. The product offerings support a wide range of markets such as: - Academia, R & D, MEMS, Solar and large volume manufacturing.

Through natural growth and industry consolidation, we continue to support thousands of systems around the globe, over multiple product platforms. Our new flexible and adaptive platforms, provide proven solutions to the market, that are enabling for all end users in developing and advancing their process technologies.

Compact Thermal Reactors Compact Thermal Reactors

The CTR provides an exceptionally small footprint system and it is stackable. Providing both atmospheric pressure and LPCVD processes, the CTR is an ideal solution for pilot lines, R&D labs, and government and university laboratories.

Vertical Thermal Reactors Vertical Thermal Reactors

Fully Automated Diffusion and LPCVD Furnaces with recipe driven loading & processing – with superior uniformity – in a production proven system and with a very compact footprint.

Horizontal Thermal Reactors Horizontal Thermal Reactors

Diffusion furnace systems for 50 through 300-mm wafer size processing have heated zones up to 40 inches long for larger load size. These are truly the “workhorses” of thermal processing.

Custom new and remanufactured thermal processing solutions and diffusion/LPCVD furnaces for semiconductors, MEMS, and R&D. made in USA

Expertech: Thermal Reactor Experts

Expertech’s in-depth knowledge base that is supervised by a management team with decades of experience in this market segment, allow us to respond to the ever-changing needs of the global install base. It has allowed us to develop and provide all customers with solutions (New or Refurbished) to meet their specific needs. With over 100 of our in house designed systems installed, plus thousands of historic OEM tools being supported, we have proven consistently that we are a strong partner in your processing equipment portfolio.

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