Vertical Thermal Reactor (VTR) / Vertical Furnace

Fully Automated Diffusion and LPCVD Furnaces with recipe driven loading & processing – with superior uniformity – in a production proven system

  • Automated cassette to cassette wafer handling
  • Over 1000 furnace systems in production worldwide
  • Low particulate levels for defect sensitive devices
  • Optional SMIF interface and stocker modules available
  • Dual boats (one in process while the other is in load/unload)

This production proven semiconductor diffusion furnace design was originated by Silicon Valley Group (SVG) and is now a product line fully owned and supported by Expertech.  With over 1000 VTR systems currently in production use worldwide, it continues to maintain a global footprint for vertical furnace systems.


The VTR model 7000PLUS Features

  • Higher throughput per tube by using a dual boat design. One boat (wafer carrier) is in process in the tube while the other is being unloaded/reloaded.
  • Superior particle control in films by use of an ULPA filtered Class 1 load area, and electropolished stainless steel surfaces in the class 1 clean air boat handling area.
  • Superior within wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformity. Wafer carriers designed so that gravity holds the wafers parallel and equally spaced.
  • Easier and faster process tube maintenance through use of a mechanized tube removal system that lowers the tube to floor level.
  • Fewer in film defects through use of small volume, ultraclean technology gas panel that is manufactured, tested and capped in a clean room.
  • Particle control in LPCVD films through use of a double walled process tube that eliminates film particle formation near the load door.
  • Safety interlocks protecting personnel and the equipment
  • Easy to learn operator interface and an optional Cell Supervisor Workstation for central monitoring and recipe control for a bank of up to eight VTRs.

All the above features combine to make the VTR Furnace System among the world’s lowest in cost-of-ownership:

  • low cost per wafer processed
  • low cost to maintain
  • low capital and installation cost