Photovoltaics (Solar Cells)

The photovoltaics industry is highly price competitive and requires high quality processing in large load sizes to make solar cells efficient and drive down the cost per watt.

Expertech can provide high-throughput horizontal furnace systems with up to 400 wafers processed per batch. Manual, semi-automated and fully automated system solutions are available.

Expertech can provide one or more system types configured for the following PV device processing steps:

LPCVD Processes

  • Stochiometric Nitride (Si3N4)
  • Anti-reflection coatings (ARC)

Atmospheric Pressure Processes

  • Wet or Dry Oxidation/Densification
  • Inert Gas Anneals/Densification (N2, Ar, He)
  • Reducing Atmosphere Anneals (Forming Gas)
  • Phosphine + O2 phosphorus doping
  • Phosphine gas phase doping
  • POCl3 + O2 – liquid source phosphorus doping