Photovoltaics (Solar Cells)

Solar cell fabrication requires low cost/high throughput production equipment with high yield enabling economies of scale to minimize cost per watt.

Expertech provides high-throughput horizontal furnace systems with up to 400 wafers processed per batch. Manual, semi-automated and fully automated system solutions are available.

Expertech can provide one or more system types configured for the following PV device processing steps:

LPCVD Processes

  • Stochiometric Nitride (Si3N4)
  • Anti-reflection coatings (ARC)

Atmospheric Pressure Processes

  • Wet or Dry Oxidation
  • Inert Gas Anneals/Densification (N2, Ar, He)
  • Forming Gas or 100% H2 Anneal
  • Phosphine + O2 phosphorus doping
  • POCl3 + O2 – liquid source phosphorus doping
  • BBr3 + O2 – liquid source boron doping