Upgrades & Retrofits

Expertech has manufactured new and remanufactured or refurbished over 2000 tubes globally which were originally built by other suppliers. We provide field service support, repair parts, upgrades and enhancements for a wide range of used diffusion furnaces manufactured by Expertech and other OEM suppliers.

We can:

  • Extend Furnace Life: Expertech’s proven system of auditing older installed furnaces then presenting a plan and implementing a remedy to repurpose outdated equipment is time tested
  • Process Conversions: convert one type of diffusion furnace to a different process such as atmospheric oxidation to LPCVD
  • Enhance Functionality: upgrade older furnace to meet new demands with an enhanced modern standard

Expertech Remanufactured furnaces will meet or exceed the original OEM performance specifications.

Typical Performance/Process Upgrades/Retrofits & Enhancements

  • New computer system: including new controller. (We can also offer guidance on software licenses).
  • New cable kit: Our newly designed kits use shielded, round cable, grounded at both ends, to help stabilize and control temperature.
  • New flow controllers
  • Alarm Light Tower
  • Tube Computer Single Power Supply Upgrade
  • New Backplane/Motherboard upgrade
  • Tube Computer Power Supply Test Points
  • Stop Inhibit Operator Front Panel Modification
  • In-Situ Process Particle Monitor and display
  • Closed Loop Flange Water Temp Control
  • Closed Loop Scavenger Airflow Control
  • Cabinet Temperature Display (external)
  • SCR Heatsink Display (external)
  • Boat Current Monitor and TMX Feedback
  • Element Current Monitor and TMX Feedback
  • Pre-process Pyro Low Temperature monitoring
  • TMX Heater Blanket Temperature Control
  • Gas System Alarm Display (Atmospheric Systems)
  • Profile T/C Securing Post
  • Element Breaker Off TMX Event Indicator
  • Fixing the profile T/C to the gas cabinet shelf
  • Fixture to secure the process tube in the furnace

This is not a complete list. With our onsite engineering capability, we can upgrade or retrofit almost any furnace to any configuration or process. Please contact us for details or to discuss your requirement.

We also have:

  • Over 65,000 square feet of off-site inventory storage space
  • Parts depots located in North America, Europe, and Asia